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Heroic Journey Consulting specializes in providing Personalized Mentoring, Transformational Products Speaking, Blogs, Resources and Online Learning  dedicated to transforming individual’s lives, supporting leaders to get to the heart of organizational change and creating a collaborative and mutually supportive world.

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  During my senior year in college, I was excited about the idea of living on my own after graduation. It would be the first time I would have a space completely to myself without needing to share with my sister or a roommate. I had so much joy the day I moved into my… Read More

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In the late 1980’s like so many other people, I was mesmerized by Bill Moyer’s Power of Myth interview series with Joseph Campbell. This is when I first became consciously aware that the heroic journey was not just a story about ancient history or idealizing someone on a pedestal, but actually had relevance to my… Read More

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  In Western culture many of us have grown up with the idea of heroism as embodied in the lead characters in movies like Rambo, the James Bond series, Die Hard, Under Siege and Terminator. In this view of heroism the main theme is to achieve something through dominance and control, often at the expense… Read More

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Most of us have had them – those incredible moments in our lives where everything seems perfect. Whether it is an exquisite meal, being at one with nature, or the deep love we’ve felt while looking into the eyes of a partner or child, these are the moments when time seems to stand still. We… Read More

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An Interview with Mythologist Peter Wallis by Marion Moss (Hubbard) “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”… Read More

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We are all gullible at times. Some of us are more prone to gullibility than others. When I was a consumer protection investigator, I had a chance to see a lot of people’s gullibility used against them by manipulative con artists. The gullibility of individuals had nothing to do with socioeconomic background, race, sex, intelligence,… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

This was the best, most relevant workshop I have ever attended through the City of San Diego.

You have put so much heart into this project!…Thanks so much for your expertise, all your time, and your good judgement. It was a pleasure having you as a team member throughout this amazing experience.

I encourage anyone to read [The Heroic Path to Self-Forgiveness] who wants to learn to live with more purpose and more wisdom in life. It is a great step on the road to personal growth and being your own hero.

Marion Moss Hubbard has created a valuable framework [in Work as a Heroic Journey] in which change, confusion, frustration and success can all be viewed as a cycle of growth within an organization. A very helpful tool for both individuals and organizations!