Peter Wallis, “Group Facilitator/Consultant,” Kirkland, WA

Marion Moss Hubbard has created a valuable framework [in Work as a Heroic Journey] in which change, confusion, frustration and success can all be viewed as a cycle of growth within an organization. A very helpful tool for both individuals and organizations!

Robert E. Lang, Indiana

I encourage anyone to read [The Heroic Path to Self-Forgiveness] who wants to learn to live with more purpose and more wisdom in life. It is a great step on the road to personal growth and being your own hero.

Sara Etgen-Baker, Allen, TX

I just had to tell you how inspirational I’ve found your book [The Heroic Path to Self-Forgiveness]. It is compassionate, thorough, insightful, and helpful…! Thank you for all the dedication and effort you put into a book that will change people’s lives for the better! 

D S, Change Management Manager

You have put so much heart into this project!…Thanks so much for your expertise, all your time, and your good judgement. It was a pleasure having you as a team member throughout this amazing experience.