Photo of red heart in cupped handsDo you continually criticize yourself for past errors in judgment? Do you berate yourself for failures to take right action? Are you relentless in punishing yourself for hurting others you care about? If so, this workshop can help you release the tight grip of your self-judgment shackles and create your personalized story of wholeness, joy and self-fulfillment!

In this workshop you will learn that the Path to Self-Forgiveness is:

  • A path that follows the “Logic of Your Heart” rather than your head. Your heart naturally leads you to the self-forgiveness you seek once you get out of your own way.
  • A Heroic Journey that guides you through a contemplative three-fold process:
Graphic of Labyrinth Winding Inward
Phase 1: Wind inward and shed what no longer serves you.
Graphic of Arriving at Center of Labyrinth
Phase 2: Arrive at the center of yourself to claim your inner wisdom.
Graphic of Winding Out of the Labyrinth
Phase 3: Wind outward to reintegrate your experiences.

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