Photo of group working together on a projectWhether organizations are businesses, government entities, educational institutions, or non-profit agencies, how effectively they move through the transformational process determines their vitality, growth and resiliency as organizations. Using the heroic journey as a metaphor for transformation, as a participant we will help you listen to the “inner voice” of the organization, which Robert Quinn describes in his book, Deep Change as “the integration of the messages in the hearts and minds of the many.”

As a participant you will also:

  • Develop the powers of “Inquisitive Inquiry” to explore your organization’s unique collective heroic journey and inspire all those involved to achieve success.

  • See how the stages of the heroic journey provide signposts that help everyone involved gain insight about what action they need to take for the organization’s evolution.

  • Understand how the collective journey and the individual journeys inform one another and mutually support goal fulfillment.

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