Photo of manager with work teamFor business leaders to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving workplace, we must become effective transformation agentsTransformation agents are visionaries who are willing to courageously separate from the status quo and undergo, if necessary, a radical transformation of the Self, so we can effectively face and deal with the uncertainty of change. We learn how to link the “operation present” with the “developmental future” to shape the direction of your organization.

As a participant you will learn to:

  • Simultaneously focus on the long-term vision and detachment from the ultimate outcome
  • Further develop your “Emotional IQ” to more effectively lead the people you serve
  • Tap into your heroic infrastructure to bring insight, meaning and purpose to everything you do
  • Remain calm and clear headed in the midst of upheaval, chaos and the transformational process
  • Develop a resilient, values-based people-focused organization to meet the evolving workplace challenges

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