Through a process we call Heroic Myth in Action© Mentoring, we help individuals and organizational leaders  move through their process of transformation with greater clarity and ease. Using our personal wisdom and experience we facilitate our clients’ self discovery and encourage them to take the action steps needed to confidently move to the next stage in their personal heroic journey.

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Who We Work With

We work with clients committed to personal growth and transformation to further develop their character and consciousness.

Our Goal

To help facilitate our clients to:

  • Discover their purpose and create strategic plans of action
  • Find hidden beliefs that hold them back
  • Alter perceptions and behaviors that no longer serve them
  • Hold themselves accountable to follow through with the steps they know they need to take

Who Can Benefit?

  • IndividualsGoing through life transformations (change of job, marriage, divorce, mid-life crisis, etc.) or not clear about personal or professional mission
  • Organizational Leaders – Who need mentoring through business transitions or desiring to strengthen their relationships with employees and customers

Type of Mentoring Available

  • In-person sessions
  • Telephone consultations


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To decide if this approach is right for you, schedule
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