Everyone is on a lifelong journey. It is how effectively we deal with the challenges along the way that determines whether we simply exist and just get by or lead a heroic life. 


By placing our subjective experiences into a story of personal unfolding heroism, we see how every experience strengthens our character, courage, resolve and resilience.


“Heroism is ever available, and in fact it is through ordinary experiences that the ordinary person can become extraordinary.”
-George Sheehan

heroic_stages_circle_only9While each person’s heroic journey is unique and will have a different outer appearance the stages to get to the next level of wisdom are common to all of us. Understanding these stages of development can help us move more effectively through each stage to the next. 

Hands holding heartThe “magic sauce” for the heroic journey is to undertake it with not only with courage, but with heart.  It takes self-compassion to uncover the hidden gems at the center of ourselves, which have been there all along hidden behind our pain and defensiveness. When we operate from this powerful heart center, we easily access our personal wisdom, inner truth, and empathy other. 

Experiencing our lives as a heroic journey is an “inside job,” which allows us to continue living our ordinary life, but from new perspective. It places the short-term struggles and lifelong challenges we face in a new context. It also gives us the deeper sense of meaning, purpose and joy we all ache to know from inside out!